Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Progress is a good thing


Oh Boy, the last two days have been a roller coaster. My hubby is going to treatment on Monday, or so I hope. I am just awaiting details on the financial part of it. Hoping what we have to pay isn’t to much because I am probably going to have to borrow from family. I will try not to stress about it. I went to the county today to see if we could get any sort of assistants because we have NO money and he has no work. I hated to do that, but we are really in a crisis at the moment and need some help to get through it. I should find out in a few days what happens with all of that.

I have been to 2 AA meetings so far this week and am planning on going on wed, Thur. and Sunday. I always feel so recharged when I go. Plus I have my 60 day medallion ceremony on Friday, I am actually 73 days sober but who’s counting…hehe

Well, I go back to work tomorrow after a busy 4 days off, so I better get to bed soon. Will update soon what’s going on with hubby.
I am grateful for many things today!!!

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