Saturday, February 13, 2010

2/13/2010, why do kids grow up?

OK…I am ready for summer already, this gloomy weather is doing a number on me. I had a good day at work, very exhausted because I made the mistake of drinking coffee last night and couldn’t fall asleep as early as I wanted to. I was so happy to see the other 3 woman I normally work with, the day went much smoother. I guess Hubby went and cleaned off his mothers roof, 11yr. old went sledding with her friend and 14yr. old stayed home, oh and the dogs got into the garbage, came home to it all over. I love my dogs, but boy between that stuff and whom ever is pooing on the floor at night is a pain.

It’s 8pm now, watching some movie and wondering if I should call my 14 yr. old. She went over to her “boyfriends” house to watch a movie, he lives right behind us. I am a bit nervous about it. He said is parents were home so I hope he was telling the truth. I told her she had to be home by 9pm. I just hope the boy doesn’t try and put a move on her. He has an older brother, I think he is 17 or 18, so I am sure he has heard/seen some stuff from him. I guess I shouldn’t worry to much, she hasn’t really done anything to break our trust. Why is it so hard to let them grow up?

Well, going to relax, get some laundry done and figure out what in the heck I just did to my computer (everything just got really small).lol

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