Thursday, February 11, 2010

2/2/2010, Repitition

Oh am I full! I actually managed to get a good amount of food in me today. As far as Hubby goes, I am still not sure. But for some reason I feel as if a burden has been lifted off my shoulders. I have done some much praying this week God is probably tired of hearing from

I had outpatient today and it was very unproductive and not organized, I am doing stuff I already did in treatment and the whole program doesn’t seem very serious. I feel like I am sitting in a room for 3 hours doing nothing, but I do enjoy getting some of my frustrations at home out. I also go to AA there on Thursday mornings, so it’s a nice change from my home AA group. I guess it helps.

I have to work tomorrow so I will be going to bed early (4:30am just comes to fast).


AA, Health, family, friends, God & sobriety

I hope for a positive and productive day tomorrow and am really looking forward to AA, after the beginning of this week I really need it.

Goals I would like to work on:

look into buisness classes.

be sober another 24 hrs.

Ask at work about Activities Program director/assistant credentials needed.

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