Monday, February 15, 2010


Feb. 15

Lets see, yesterday was a really good day at work, I always have such a good feeling when I leave there. There is something with the elderly that makes you thankful. In some of the residents when they look at you it’s almost like there is an innocence about them, as if they were little kids. Hard to explain, but they really do make a difference in my life.

I went to an AA meeting last night and it was really powerful. One of the guys there mentioned that after 5 years of being sober his wife said to him “what has really changed since you quit drinking?” and to him he thought everything had, when actually a lot of things around him had changed, but he was still the same jerk he was when he was drinking. He realized that his behavior hadn’t changed. It just stuck with me for some reason and made me take a look at myself to see if any of my behaviors have changed or not. I guess that is something I need to investigate myself. All in all yesterday was a good day and I am very thankful for it and all who played a part in it.

Today has been ok, I spent 4 hours clipping coupons and looking for some great freebies and deals, did some laundry and now I am getting ready to work my 4-11pm shift. Hoping it goes well, I am working with aides I’ve never even met (hopefully they are hard working). The kids have driven me nuts today (no School, presidents Day). I really need to find some activities for them this summer otherwise I will be struggling daily with wanting to drink. When they fight it triggers me really bad. Well, need to finish getting ready.

Hoping for a positive and productive evening…

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