Thursday, February 11, 2010

2/6/2010, Yummy Redlobster

I was so hoping to sleep in today since I didn’t have to work, but was up at 6:30am wide awake, around 7:30am my old roomate from Hazelden called me. She sounds like she is doing very good, other than going nuts while she temporarly has to stay with her father.

I went to lunch with the Inlaws today. I ordered a Tilapia wood grilled entrée and I honostly have to say I was happily surprised and how good it was, I ate evrything on the plate and my sister inlaw made the comment that I didn’t have to clean my…I guess I get that from Hazelden, they have pretty good food there, I discovered cus cus there, my new favorite starch. Our conversations went pretty good, I can totally see the lack of knowledge in his mother though when it comes to alcoholism, she made the comment that you can’t let the liqour control you, you have to control the liqour. I just wanted to bust out laughing and say, well when you’re an alcoholic you really don’t have that option. I didn’t ofcourse, she meant well. All in all it was nice to see them and I enjoyed it.

I got home around 4pm and since then really haven’t done anything, the girls are down in the basement playing rockband and hubby decided to go over to a neighbors, the neighbor he’s at is someone who while I was in treatment came up a lot, he is an alcoholic also, someone who we would regulary drink with. Throughout the last 2 years here, him and I have had several fueds. He’s the type of person who only see’s situations as black and white and when he drinks he flat out lies about stuff. Oh and the typical neighbor stuff like his kid does no wrong and my kids do. So needless to say I have some issues with him. Well hubby is over there and I am sure he is drinking, it’s 8pm now, so we’ll see when he gets home. Does this bother me knowing he’s over there drinking? umm I guess a little, not him drinking, just the social aspect of it and wondering if he’s bitching about me to him of all people. I guess it’s something that worrying about it won’t help. Though after checking online I did see that hubby did purchace a bottle tonight (all I have to say is it better not show up on our property).

I was sapose to go to the Mall of America to meet my sister, she’s getting married in August and I am the maid of honor. We were going to look for dresses but something came up so we will do it another time. So my new plan is to work on my Valentines cards, blog and clean…fun fun


Sister in Law


My dog

My friendships from Hazelden



Well it’s 9:17pm, he’s still not back yet, kids are quiet so I am going to have a smoke then see if anything good is on TV.. Night

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