Thursday, February 11, 2010

1/14/2010, Sobor Communication?

Today started off good. I ran some errands, spent way to much money grocery shopping, but at least we have food now. Before shopping I cleaned out the pantry and can’t believe how much food I had to throw away, what a waste. Among that I finished the bathroom, hung the new shower curtain (which I have to say looks really nice and modern. I unclogged a sink and scrubbed the floors. There is more cleaning to do, but I am done for now.

Hubby and I are slowly starting to communicate better since I’ve been back. I don’t know how to explained it but we have always had an “intoxicated” relationship, we have both pretty much drank since we met. I don’t have much of a choice now other than to communicate “sober”, it’s a whole new way of life, scary but that’s how it has to be. It is just weird now and I am hoping that hubby can understand from my point of view how different things are for me, I know it’s not always going to feel this way, I am just in a fluster right now.

I talked to one of the girls from treatment tonight and unfortunately she is having some pretty big problems and I really hope she can pull through everything. So she will be in my thought’s and prayers…Well off to bed.

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