Thursday, February 11, 2010

12/31/2009, New Year's Eve in treatment

Been a few days since I’ve written. Well yesterday has been a strange day of emotions. I just have an unsettled feeling. The thought of going home scares me a bit, not knowing what is going to happen. How my relationship with Hubby is going to be like. I just hear something strange in his voice when I talk to him, maybe he is feeling the same, I just don’t know.

I received my after care plan today. I will be going to IOP (Intensive outpatient). Which the counselor would rather have me go to a sober house because of Hubby’s drinking, but I refused to go. The IOP will be for 3 days a week for 7 weeks, then 1 night a week for 5 weeks. So I am going to have to call work to make sure they can go around that schedule.

Tonight we did a medallion ceremony for one of our girls. She is such a fun person to have on the unit and she will be missed. But it will be interesting to see how the dynamics of the group change. Recently there has been some drama between a few girls and it pretty much has been stressing everyone out.

On a happy note, one of the girls here decided to go out and get everyone a stuffed animal, she individually picked one out for each of us based on our personalities etc. She has called them all are "Sobor Buddies", I got a cocker spaniel with cute fuzzy ears which is great because I have been missing my dogs at home. This was such a thoughful thing for her to do, what a way to end 2009 and start 2010 !

During the lectures the last few days I learned:

Not everyone has to like me for me to have value’s.

Forgiveness is a gift I give to myself when I am stuck.

“The one who counts the most is the one staring back at you from the glass”.

Courage- is fear that says a prayer

We can be restored to sanity.

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