Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What a GREAT DAY !!!


I have to say I had an awesome day! I went shopping at Target and Walgreens and it was bargain city, I got so many good deals. It just makes my day when I can do that. I posted all my stuff on my other blog, DoodleBug. I have been posting stuff when I have time, but really haven’t had the time lately so it’s pretty skimpy. I worked the 2nd shift last night and I have to say I really enjoyed it, I am going to look into seeing if I can switch to that shift when summer comes so the girls aren’t home all day unsupervised. I can only imagine what the house would look like let alone the fights they get into.

I had my IOP today and as usual it was pretty lame. Same stuff I learned in treatment. I keep telling myself that it is good for me to follow through with it, it will help to keep things fresh and in perspective. I stopped and got my nails done before IOP, which has been something I started doing since I came home from treatment. Kinda my little reward every couple of weeks for not drinking. I really enjoy the quiet time for just myself.

OK now for the shocker of the day. My husband called me this morning and left a message on my phone and told me that he thought I looked beautiful this morning. Very Nice ! Plus the other shocker was that I called him when I got home and he informed me that he called Hazelden. He apparently has come to the realization that the drinking is to much for him, that he finds himself stopping and drinking after work, today I guess it was 1pm this afternoon. This might not sound nice, but I am not getting my hopes up, he went through this while I was in treatment and did nothing when I was gone or when I got home. I told him I would support him and help out with his business the best I could if he went. I want nothing but the best for him and really hope he goes through with this, but as I’ve learned this is something he needs to decide, so I will stay out of it. I did how ever invite him to attend AA with me Tomorrow night and he said maybe. So maybe it is.

Well gotta work in the morning, so going to bed after this great day.


Sales clerk @ Walgreens (she went out of her way to help me)
My Dogs

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