Thursday, February 11, 2010

December 2009, Short Introduction

I’ll start off by letting you know a bit about myself. I am a 36 yr. old wife and mother of 2 girls (11 & 14). I recently went back to work as a Nursing Assistant (which I really enjoy doing, but not my dream job).

My home life is many things, but the last few years it has been pretty unstable and not a happy place. My husband isn’t very happy with our marriage, our oldest daughter has gone through some dramatic appearance changes and our 11 yr. old always keeps us on our toes. We live in a small town, a decent size house and my husband runs his own business and financially we were doing really well until the economy went downhill.

About 3 years ago I realized that my drinking had gotten out of control, to the point that I (who weighed 100lbs. then) was drinking about 8-10 beers a night. I was neglecting my duties as a stay at home mom, wife and homemaker. Socially the only time I did anything was if there was alcohol involved and if I had to leave the house to attend a function I would usually have a couple beers before going so I have a buzz. I missed School functions for the kids, I would cancel plans so I could sit home and drink and a lot of the time I would be so lit by dinner time that I wouldn’t cook dinner, leaving my husband to take care of that.

To make a long story short, my drinking increased over the years from 2002 till the day I entered treatment. I decided 3 years after coming to the realization that my drinking was out of control to admit myself into Hazeldens 28 day inpatient treatment program. I feel today that it was the best decision I could’ve made for myself and my family.

So with all that said I decided to start a blog about my recovery, daily life etc… I journaled while in treatment and have decided to post those entries also. Please keep in mind I am not a writer, my grammar, spelling etc. really stinks…lol

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