Thursday, February 11, 2010

12/20/2009, What are my feelings?

It’s been a few day’s since I have written. I have been really busy with everything they have you doing, but I am learning a lot and trying to get in touch with my feelings. I find it difficult to decipher how I am feeling. Basically I don’t know how to verbally express anything other that sad, mad and happy. So it’s going to be a long journey.

One of the assignments I got today is to write a letter to my 14 yr. old daughter. I am suppose to express to her, how I feel and what I would want for her if she was using. I have opted to hold off on doing this until I am more educated with my own problems. It’s just a really tough subject for me to deal with at the moment.

Yesterday was Sunday “Visitor Day”. My husband and the girls came out around 1:30pm and my Mother , sister and niece came around 3pm. It was a nice visit. I really enjoyed seeing them. Boy did I miss the girls. My mother brought me some Christmas presents. Socks, sweatshirt, gum, candy and some lotion. My sister also got me a pretty silver necklace that the charm on it looks like a ring and has a quote on it. When they all left it was very hard, but I was so happy that they came.

Today in the unit we got 4 new woman ranging from the age 26-50 yrs. old. They seem pretty nice. So actually when it comes time for me to leave people I know will be here, since most of the woman that were here when I arrived will be leaving soon.

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