Thursday, February 11, 2010

2/4/2010, 53 days sober!!!

Today has all around been a good day. I am just tired, seems like everyday, if it’s not work it’s 3 days of outpatient and then 3 AA meetings a week. I sapose it’s good I am busy, but I would just like to sit and have a day to do nothing. I do have Sat. off so I am meeting Hubby’s sister and Mother at RedLobster for lunch (haven’t eaten there in years). So Sunday is my only day off, I’ll probably spend it cleaning and then it’s the next 14 days without a day to do nothing.

Been struggeling with some finaqcial issues at home, Mortgage went into forclosure while I was in treatment, but we have managed to pay it up to date (Only to get behind again). Ton’s of bills from when daughter was hospitalized for seven day right befor I went to treatment and now the bills from treatment. I can choose to get really upset about it all, but am realizing there is not much I can do about it. Stressing won’t help so I am triing to think of some creative ways to deal with it all. Getting tired and have to work in the morning.



Kindness from AA members




OH, I’m 53 days SOBER !!!!!!!! yay

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