Thursday, February 11, 2010

1/17/2010, Boring days bring urges

Today was a hard day. My 11 yr. old daughter had a friend stay the night and I ended up staying home all day. With a long boring day I guess I should’ve saw the urge to drink happen. No, I didn’t drink, but I thought about it a few times. I ended up clipping a ton of coupons and cleaned for a bit. Seemed to help some.

I just came back from an AA meeting and it went great, I really needed a meeting to re-set my cravings and boy it did, I feel completely re-charged. The group suggested I attend the Wednesday meeting because there are actually woman there (Sunday’s it’s all men, but they welcome me). One of the guys also said that he would talk to a few of the Woman to make sure they attend on Wednesday, hoping I will be able to find a sponsor then. Well enough of my non productive day I am off to watch desperate housewife’s (haven’t seen it since before treatment).

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