Thursday, March 11, 2010

busy busy


Oh, I am so exhausted, the last two days I have been so busy trying to set up everything for hubby to go to treatment and last night for some darn reason I couldn’t fall asleep then at 1:30am I got the hiccups and was up till 2:30am, got up at 6:30am and been up since. I am really looking forward to going to bed tonight, but not looking forward to getting up at 4:30am.

I also went down to the county to see if we could get some sort of financial assistants and to my surprise we do qualify for some, so I finally went grocery shopping. We now have enough food for the week, so that is one less thing to worry about. Now just waiting to see if we can get discounted School lunches for the girls. Normally I would feel like a failure asking for this sort of help, but I’m sure this is temporary and that’s what it’s for.

Tomorrow I have my medallion ceremony so I have that to look forward to. I of course will be doing all the packing for hubby and finishing getting everything together. He is busy trying to get all his business stuff done before he goes. Which today he decided he wasn’t going to go till Tuesday, I’m not thrilled with that, but I know if I push to hard he won’t go.

Well going to sit and relax before my laundry is done and have to cook supper.

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