Thursday, February 11, 2010

12/21/2009, "28 days"<---the movie

2:00pm, Today so far has been a pretty goofy but busy day. I have a little time to sit finally. I’m pretty sure the hubby and girls won’t be able to visit Christmas day because there is a big snow storm coming. I am hoping if they can’t make it then, that on Sunday they can visit. Should make for an interesting Christmas.

10:00pm, Done with the day and us woman are in the TV room watching the movie “28 days”. I’ve seen it before but never related to it. Now that I am in treatment it is really funny how similar some of the things in the movie are. lol..Highly recommend watching it if you have ever been in treatment, very funny!

I just got off the phone with my hubby and for the 2nd time he asked me if I was going to leave him. I have no clue why he keeps asking me that. I am a little worried about him, between the stress of the news that our house is going into foreclosure, work and taking care of the kids plus his decision to quit drinking also (he is also a daily drinker, but he prefers whiskey and is what you would call a “functioning” alcoholic). I think he may be overwhelmed with everything and from where I am at, there is nothing I can do. I hope everything will be fine.

Some things I have learned from the lectures the last few days are:

Fear can hold you prisoner, hope can set you free.

Your going to have to sacrifice some things for your recovery whether you want to or not.

Despite the consequences, you still drink.

When using, you compromise your values and morals.

Step out of your comfort zone, it’s ok to be vulnerable

Planning to drink on a “special” occasion is setting up the foundation for a relapse.

Attitude of Gratitude

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