Thursday, February 11, 2010

1/13/2010, busy cleaning

I didn’t get a whole bunch done this morning. Woke up @ 6am with horrible cramps and decided just to stay up till the kids get off to School. I went back to bed and shocked myself by sleeping till 11am, I must’ve needed to the I did manage to get some cleaning done. I re-arranged the living room (had to make it different than what I was use to, sitting in the same spot where I use to drink didn’t seem like a good idea). I also got the entryway cleaned and now I am painting the bathroom (taking a break to let the first coat dry and watching American Idol).

I decided to skip my AA meeting tonight so I could finish painting even though I know I should’ve gone. Spoke with two of the girls that are still at Hazelden today and was debating if I should meet one of them at the airport when it’s her time to head home, I guess it all depends what’s going on.

I’ve been a little concerned about returning to work due to the fact that we live in a small town and I’m not sure who knows where I went and why. I guess I’ll deal with that if it comes up. Well gonna finish painting.

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