Thursday, February 11, 2010

1/18/2010, Mother daughter Bonding

Not to exciting of a day, I was suppose to have my first IOP meeting (intensive outpatient) but my 11 yr. old wasn’t feeling well and didn’t go to School, so I stayed home with her. Most of my day consisted of clipping coupons and looking for deals on the web. I think this is my new, turns out I really get a kick out of getting something almost for free, I am thinking about starting a separate blog just for that, ya never know. The day could’ve been more productive but my frame of mind just wasn’t there.

I forgot to journal the other day (Jan 16th) My oldest daughter and I spent the day together. I have so much guilt and shame when it comes to my children, but with her it’s really hard I just don’t feel like I know her anymore. While I was drinking I really didn’t enforce any major rules other than be home before dark and I always had to know where she was. She’s always been a great kid and has never gotten in trouble so I do have trust in her. She’s a typical 14 yr. old, but for me her appearance has change so dramatically over the last year, she went from the little preppy looking kid to a gothic/emo looking, even her music has changed and whats really strange about it, she still has all the same friends from grade School and none of them dress like her, I just keep telling myself that she is discovering who she is. Any way’s back to our day together, it was great! we went shopping at a few stores, walked around the mall and had lunch, I really enjoyed the one on one time with her. Hope to do it again soon. Getting tired so I am off to bed.

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